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12 Reasons Everyone Needs a Monthly Massage

Living an active and healthy lifestyle surely has its benefits as it promotes a clean and well-balanced living, especially for busy people with jam-packed schedules. While some may find it hard to squeeze in a bit of “me time,” remember that doing so helps you de-stress and relax, things that can easily be overlooked and taken for granted. Making an effort to make time for your body to unwind, regenerate, and recharge is a very vital aspect of life. It lets your body heal itself and thus prepare your body as you face a very busy and a very active lifestyle yet again. Allowing your body to rest...

Beauty Tips for Women Over 30:

Here are the top 15 skin care tips for women over 30. These will ensure that you have healthy skin in your 30′s. 1. Follow the CTM routine: This is important! The cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is something most of us end up ignoring all through our younger days. When you hit your 30s, it is even more important that you follow it to the T. The CTM routine will help to clear your skin of any accumulated dirt and grime. It will also keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. 2.Look For Key Ingredients That Benefit Skin: Whether you prefer natural or commercial cosmetics for skin care, look for...